Best 3D Printer for 2024

liusf 09 Feb , 2024 0 Comments 3D Printers

3D printers are rapidly advancing in speed and quality, presenting an opportune moment to delve into the industry. Their versatility extends across various projects, from crafting cosplay costumes to fueling small business initiatives, rendering them indispensable assets for any household. Moreover, acquiring one need not break the bank, with top-notch models available at a reasonable price point of around $600 to $700, ensuring pristine outcomes with every print.

AnkerMake M5 

The AnkerMake M5 stands out as one of the pioneering consumer 3D printers to surpass the 250 millimeters-per-second speed threshold. Recently, it received a software update, elevating its speed to an impressive 500mm/s in its ultrafast mode. Notably, the M5 incorporates an AI camera feature designed to detect printing issues, enabling users to halt a failing print before significant material wastage occurs. While the AI functionality may have room for improvement, the camera feature produces captivating time-lapse videos suitable for sharing on social media platforms.


  • Very fast
  • Camera for time-lapse videos
  • Easy to assemble

Material type: Filament

Build area (mm): 235 × 235 × 250

Official max printing speed (mm/s): 500 (fast mode) (250 standard)

Dimensions (mm): 502×438×470

Price: Amazon

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Anycubic Kobra 2 Max

Anycubic has built a strong reputation for offering user-friendly printers at affordable prices, and the updated Kobra 2 Max continues this trend, making large printing tasks relatively hassle-free. However, due to its substantial size, careful consideration is necessary.

Equipped with powerful motors to match its sizable build plate, the Kobra 2 Max may cause even sturdy worktables to wobble. Although the gyroscope integrated into the print head helps mitigate this issue, users may encounter some imperfections, particularly when printing tall objects. Additionally, like other Anycubic printers, the software lacks the sophistication found in pricier competitors. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Kobra 2 Max delivers impressive results, making it a worthwhile investment for those willing to make slight concessions.


  • Huge build area
  • Great print quality


  • No removable build plate

Material typeFilament

Build area (mm): 420x420x500

Official max printing speed (mm/s): 500

Dimensions (mm): 740x735x640

Price: Amazon

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.